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Welcome to American Professional Martial Arts, where we're bringing Boca Raton high-energy classes for all ages. Our team is proud to work with everyday men, women, and children who are looking to stay active and take on a total-body challenge. We are a proud Roufusport affiliate and offer kids martial arts classes built around the renowned HYPER Pro Training System. Whether you're looking for self-defense or better health and fitness, we've got you covered. Take the first step today by filling out the short form on your screen. We'll reach out right away to discuss our current trials and online offers!

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Our Expert Team

Our team brings decades of martial arts training to each class and we're excited to share it with you. Learn from our skilled instructors and our individualized coaching to get the most out of every class.


Our Core Values

We deeply value the intersection of family and martial in our lives. Our school is a family-friendly facility that supports one another and dedicates our time to making sure you get everything you need.


Our Mission

With us, you'll know from day one that you're a priority. Our aim is to provide students with professional levels of coaching no matter how experienced you are. We're committed to you so that you can commit to your training.


Our Promise

Drop the stresses of injury or intimidation. With us, those aspects are never a concern. We are proud to train men and women of all ages and backgrounds. You'll be welcomed with open arms from day one.


Kids Martial Arts

Give your child the best blend of physical, mental, and emotional growth with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Boca Raton. We're proud to work with students of all ages and abilities. Learn more today!

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Adult Martial Arts

Take on the art of self-defense and fitness training all in one class! Our Adult Martial Arts training in Boca Raton blends the best aspects of multiple disciplines and offers instruction for all experience levels.

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate in style this year with our exciting Birthday Parties in Boca Raton. We're excited to treat your child to the best parties of their lives. And we take all the hassle off your hands. Reserve your party today!

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Why Is Martial Arts Training Right For You?

Learn How Our Classes Can Impact Every Aspect of Your Life

American Professional Martial Arts Confidence & Self-Esteem in Boca Raton - American Professional Martial Arts

Confidence & Self-Esteem

It doesn't matter if you're a young child just getting started or an adult athlete seeking a black belt. Our system is designed to help you build confidence one step at a time through a series of accomplishments and belt progressions.

American Professional Martial Arts Discipline & Self-Control in Boca Raton - American Professional Martial Arts

Discipline & Self-Control

Martial Arts training takes dedication. It goes beyond the physical tools of kicks and punches, challenging you to use your mind as a tool in coordination with your body. After just a few classes with us, you'll notice the difference in everything you do.

American Professional Martial Arts Self-Defense in Boca Raton - American Professional Martial Arts


No one wants to use their self-defense training in a real-world situation. But if you find yourself in the face of danger, you may not have a choice. We're here to help you stay safe with a core set of defense skills for any threat.

American Professional Martial Arts New Friends & Mentors in Boca Raton - American Professional Martial Arts

New Friends & Mentors

At American Professional Martial Arts, you'll make friends from day one. We are proud to foster an environment of collaboration and teamwork, and just like neighbors, we learn to lean on each other in pursuit of mental, physical, and emotional growth.

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