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Wednesday Wisdom! Create Confidence!

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Wednesday Wisdom! Create Confidence!

Good Morning!

Happy Hump day! This Wednesday I've decided to share some Wednesday Wisdom with Everyone.

This month we are teaching the kids about "CONFIDENCE".  As they take home their monthly worksheets, you will see it right on the cover, Confidence is Contagious. That has never been truer. Building confidence is a essential life skill that not only helps with kids in school, but even as adults we must push through fear and doubt and seem like we know what is going on, lol. 

When I was coming up, I was taught a saying, "Fake it until you make it". Sometimes fake confidence is a great thing, in the face of fear and doubt, we need to create our own fake confidence to accomplish a goal. It all starts with Self Talk. Telling yourself you can do it, and visualizing the win! That is where the fake it till you make it starts. Visualizing the win. 

Once you have your mind visualizing the win, it is time for you to show it on the outside of your body! Ever heard of the superman pose? Shoulders back, Chin and eyes up! It opens your body up and exudes confidence. Now that you are thinking and standing the part, make sure you look good. Personal hygiene is important, clean trimmed nails, fresh haircut, SHOWERS! lol, just look fresh! 

Thinking good, and looking confident, those are down... Now just go do it! Step into your day and take charge! Coming back full circle... Confidence is contagious, don't look for others who are confident and put yourself around them, be the confident one and they will come to you and multiply! Be around people with the same vision and goals and you will be successful. 

There is no stopping you! Go Get it!

Sensei Tony

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