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10 Ways to Stay On Track with Your Weight Loss Goals

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1. Remind yourself every day it’s a constant improvement
If you tried to sprint a marathon full force you would never make it so to apply the same mindset to maintaining weight loss is not only silly but a set up for failure.

2. Stop buying your problem foods
If you have a penchant for sweet, savory, fried, or all of the above and find yourself saying, “I’ll buy just one package of [insert problem food here] so I can have some when I really want it…”, it’s time to stop. You’re creating a comfort zone for self sabotage. Just don’t buy it, okay?

3. Keep track of your nutrition when you feel you’re losing your grip
Eating too much or eating too little are both equally are the nemesis of maintaining weight loss. The best way to combat that war is to keep track of your nutrition when you feel most out of control.
4. Keep track of your results.Become a “Tracker?”
“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” -Karl Pearson
If you’ve ever kept a tracking chart for anything you wanted to improve, you know this is true. The effect borders on the miraculous. Trackers find themselves taking enormous action to improve the things they track almost unconsciously.

‚Äč5. Memorize this phrase, “No thanks, I just ate.”
When you’re trying to make better choices regarding eating, it’s easy to get bombarded with turbulence over, “you can have just ONE” or “I heard not eating can be BAD for you” when in reality they just want you to join in on the fun. When you say “No thanks, I just ate,” it cuts down on the need to defend yourself BIG TIME.
6. Drink as much water as you can
I mean it. Not only will you stay hydrated but your body will be running on all 8 cylinders keeping you constantly tuned up.

7. Ask yourself, “Will I be happy with that decision an hour from now?”
Odds are the answer is no and it helps to focus on the outcome rather than the instant gratification. If the answer is yes, then that’s what you should be doing! Self accountability at it’s finest.

8. Establish an accountability buddy
It helps knowing that someone else understands the struggle of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having an appointed friend you can call or text in that moment of weakness can do wonders for talking yourself off the ledge. Even if you don’t call/text it’s a great tool just knowing you can.

9. Get rid of all your bigger sized clothing
You don’t need that safety net anymore and when you have no choice to get back on track unless you want to buy a whole new wardrobe, it can be motivating to get back on the health wagon.

10. Never give up on yourself
Believe you are the person you want to be already.   You just may have gotten a little off track.  You need to love yourself in order  to want the best for yourself

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