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Have an Obsession with Perfection!

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Have an Obsession with Perfection!

Never Quit!- Have an obsession with Perfection!

Strive to be perfect Perfection is difficult and in some ways impossible to obtain. That is the point right?

As we go through life we should learn to develop a work ethic where we strive for perfection. Giving up and settling for mediocrity will develop itself into a habit. Once you settle for "Good Enough" that will become the norm.

The thing about perfection is, and get this.... here is the kicker, you will fail, not once or twice, but Many times. You will fall on your face, you will get kicked, you will feel like there is no point in continuing. The real victory is getting back up. Be perfect in defeat and continue to strive for greatness.

Develop this mindset early! The earlier we develop a obsession for perfection mindset in children the sooner they will learn it is ok to fail. They can stumble and fall and get back up and keep going to achieve their desired goals. Do you want your child to be "OK" with just graduating high school? Do you want them to be fine with minimum wage?

This is why we have mats and training partners. The mats soften the blow when we fail and fall, and your training partners help lift you back and keep on striving.

Keep on Striving and working hard!

~ Sensei Tony

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