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15 Seconds of Failure!

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15 Seconds of Failure!

15 Seconds of Failure.


That is all we get. This month in the Dojo we've been talking about Confidence and being successful. The truth is we wont always have big or small victories to keep that confidence up. So what do we do when it all burns down? How do we recover from a moment of failure? Big or small? The answer is 15 seconds?

Whether it's a Martial Arts event, Life event, or just a personal failure, we only have 15 seconds to whine, cry , and moan.  We've all done it, Lost the big came, lost the big sale, or lost the love of your life, and we've all laid in bed staring at the ceiling wishing we were better. After 15 Seconds! you better get up!

Once your allotted 15 seconds are up the next question to ask your self is WHY! Why did that happen. Let's use a Martial Arts and Self Defense example. Say two kids are kickboxing sparring, and one gets a punch in nose, OUCH! Most of the time the initial response is to get frustrated and MAD maybe at the person who punched you or even maybe get down on yourself and wish you never started sparing to begin with. The truth is if you stay in that mentality for longer than 15 seconds you have less and less of a chance to recover. So why did it happen, Well, Maybe you had your hands down, or Maybe you slipped the wrong way whatever the WHY is, you need to understand what the cause was!

After your WHY! The next is simple, HOW or WHAT? You need to figure out How or What you will do to ensure your failure won't happen again. It's Time to execute your plan into action and learn from your mistakes.

You don't have time to feel sorry for yourself. It's time to go out and make a difference! Be the best person YOU can be and keep moving forward. 


Sensei Tony

American Professional Martial Arts.

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