American Professional Martial Arts Andy S.

Andy S.

American Professional Martial Arts Sergio

Great school. Sensei Tony and Ben are the best around. Don’t hesitate to take your kids there. Learn self discipline and focus.


American Professional Martial Arts Meghna Grover

The best karate studio in Boca Raton!

Meghna Grover

American Professional Martial Arts Jenn Thompson

We love attending classes and the entire team! Definitely worth joining. The kids always have a great time...

Jenn Thompson

American Professional Martial Arts Tay

First came here because a friend of my daughter was going and we thought to try it out. My daughter feel in love with it on her first day!!! The staff actually takes time to help and teach the kids the proper techniques. My daughter has learned so much and we are very happy to be part of American professional!!!


American Professional Martial Arts Maria Bacchetta

Starting the new year off right at American Professional Martial Arts! Coaches push you to succeed and work to the best of your ability! Really enjoying the adult class!

Maria Bacchetta

American Professional Martial Arts Nick Cavallo

*****Great Establishment! Sensei Tony, Coach Ben and Maria are amazing with the kids and excellent role models. They are focused on developing skills in Karate but also teaching valuable life lessons. Great place for kids!

Nick Cavallo

American Professional Martial Arts Marj Sullivan

Best thing I ever did was walk into this karate school in January of this year. I am in the adult class and have never felt better. I drive 30 min out of my way to go to this class because I felt so welcomed. It is so fun and the people don’t themselves too seriously, but the training is serious. I have learned so much. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone. (no matter the age)

Marj Sullivan

American Professional Martial Arts Jonnin Sosa

American Martial Arts Professionals is an awesome dojo for your child to learn how to discipline himself, be respectful, and be helpful to the others. We have a high regard for Sensei Tony, Mr. Ben and the rest of the awesome team! They all work hard together to develop the students physically and mentally all to make a difference in their lives.

Jonnin Sosa

American Professional Martial Arts Nicole Iapaluccio

This is the real deal for martial arts, not just kids rolling around throwing random kicks and punches without direction while boasting a black belt. Happy I found it, while my son was doing karate. Like a normal fickle boy he has since changed interests, but I'd be happy to return here when he's a little older and more focused. The schedule works around a working family, and the place is always clean. Belts are legitimately earned, and at a good pace for the kids to stay motivated. Sensei Tony is really great, and approachable, and goes out of his way to make sure you feel like family not just another customer. Coach Ben is really one of the nicest people I've ever come into contact with. He is so patient and great with the kids. If you're considering martial arts for your child, this is definitely the place to go.

Nicole Iapaluccio

American Professional Martial Arts Heather Klein Rouffe

My son celebrated his 4th birthday here today and I can’t say enough amazing things about it. Tony and his staff were helpful every step of the way, kept the kids engaged and ran an extremely organized party. Can’t say enough great things about it and my son had the best party ever!!!

Heather Klein Rouffe

American Professional Martial Arts Kelly Robb Moras

We love American Professional Martial Arts! Our son has been a student here for nearly 3 years. Sensei Tony and Mr. Ben are wonderful! They instruct with respect and caring discipline. Not only do they teach structured and methodical martial arts, they instruct the kiddos on bully defense and self-esteem. Although there are many choices out there, we feel that Sensei Tony and the whole team at American Professional Martial Arts are the best!

Kelly Robb Moras

American Professional Martial Arts Kardy Bordones de Ibanez

Love this place, keep kids active, a perfect combination of fun and discipline. My daughter loves it.

Kardy Bordones de Ibanez

American Professional Martial Arts Amina Cherdabayeva

It’s the best place for martial Arts.

Amina Cherdabayeva

American Professional Martial Arts Michael M. Edwards

We have been taking our son Eric here for about 4 months now he loves going to class. It is a great way for him to burn off some energy in a productive manner, Coach Ben is really good with younger children. The whole crew makes it a fun and a rewarding experience. Highly recommend!!!

Michael M. Edwards

American Professional Martial Arts Mouvielle Caro

Love the energy , vibe, responsibility and teachings of sensei Tony. He is amazing with the kids and wonderful teacher. The staff is amazing Mr. Ben is very patient with the kids, hands down the best dojo, my son loves it, striving for black belt excellence!

Mouvielle Caro

American Professional Martial Arts Missa Mirfakhraie

I have been taking my son for over a year now and he loves it!

Missa Mirfakhraie

American Professional Martial Arts Sue Jaffe-Goldstein

We love Ampro! They are great with the kids- class is fun and motivating. Sensei Tony, Mr. Ben and Mr. Carlos are great instructors- my son loves it. Great decision to join. Parents night out is an added bonus!

Sue Jaffe-Goldstein

American Professional Martial Arts Melissa DiCicco

If you are considering martial arts, definitely go to American Professional Martial Arts in Boca Raton. They are great! My 6 year old has been going for about 7 months now and he loves it. The instructors and staff are wonderful. They really care about the kids and do everything they can to help them succeed. Karate has helped my son with his focus and confidence. Plus is a great way to burn off that crazy kid energy and learn great skills at the same time.

Melissa DiCicco

American Professional Martial Arts Melissa Stewart

American Professional Martial Arts is an amazing place to train and learn. Sensei Tony and Ben demonstrate great professionalism as well as enthusiasm when working with their students of all ages. It is clear that they are very knowledgeable in both martial arts and fitness. This place makes people feel like family instead of just a customer. They also go out of their way to accommodate students that are falling behind or feel unsure of themselves. American Professional Martial Arts is the total package and I highly recommend it.

Melissa Stewart

American Professional Martial Arts Kelly Moras

We love American Professional Martial Arts! Our son has been a student here for nearly 3 years. Sensei Tony and Mr. Ben are wonderful! They instruct with respect and caring discipline. Not only do they teach structured and methodical martial arts, they instruct the kiddos on bully defense and self-esteem. Although there are many choices out there, we feel that Sensei Tony and the whole team at American Professional Martial Arts are the best!

Kelly Moras

American Professional Martial Arts Kort Kramer

My nearly 13 year-old daughter had taken Taekwondo when she was younger, and wanted to get back into martial arts. We looked around for a school with a good reputation whose tuition wouldn't break the bank. We visited American Professional Martial Arts and were immediately impressed by the teacher and the welcoming atmosphere. Everyone there seems to really be into the training, both young and old. My daughter has been going for three weeks now and attends every class she can. She's exited about it, getting fitter, and learning valuable life skills. That's good enough for me!

Kort Kramer

American Professional Martial Arts Michelle Morgan

American Professional Martial Arts is awesome! It has taught my kids to be focused and pushes them to be the best they can be! Sensei Tony and Mr Ben are amazing with the kids and helps them grow to be confident with themselves and against bullies! Everyone needs to come experience the Force!

Michelle Morgan

American Professional Martial Arts Maria Perez

Being a part of this dojo has had a significant positive impact on my son. In the 4 and a half years that he has trained at American Professional Martial Arts Boca, he has grown in self confidence, leadership, physical fitness and knowledge of martial arts and self defense. Sensei Tony and Mr Ben are excellent role models and lead by example. My son recently earned his black belt and he continues to enjoy this journey in self only regret is that I hadn't enrolled him sooner.

Maria Perez

American Professional Martial Arts Luciana Levy

I would highly recommend American Professional Martial Arts Boca to any parent looking for some meaningful physical activity for their kids. The professionals are very experienced with children and guide them in a gentle and consistent way. My kids love the classes and I am very satisfied with their results.

Luciana Levy

American Professional Martial Arts Brandy Rivas

My son loves it here! Knowledge instructors, clean dojo, great atmosphere. You won't be disappointed!

Brandy Rivas

American Professional Martial Arts Robert Siwik

Don't even think about joining another karate if you in Boca Raton! American Professional Martial Arts Boca Raton will make sure that your child will learn proper karate. You can celebrate your child birthdays as well.I know both my daughters participate there for a long time!!

Robert Siwik

American Professional Martial Arts Melanie Kopacz

My daughter began Karate classes at American Professional Martial Arts the first week we moved to Boca Raton. She was 5-years-old at the time, and has been there now for 2 years. From the beginning, we felt very welcomed, as it's very family friendly. My daughter, who is very petite, had just healed from a broken arm, and we felt this was a great way for her to build back her strength safely, as well as teach her great self defense skills. It's also helped reinforce the importance of respect and discipline, as well as focus. She also dances and has recently gotten back into gymnastics. I've definitely seen the skills she's learned at karate carry over into ballet, hip hop and gymnastics. She absolutely adores all her coaches; Sensei Tony, Mr. Ben, Coach Carlos and Ms. Jennifer. They're all truly terrific people and absolutely wonderful with the kids. They're patient, motivating and they genuinely take a special interest in each and every child's well being. We are so proud to be part of the American Professional Martial Arts Boca family. We've since moved, and live a half hour away, but continue to make the trek twice a week, as we love it there too much to try elsewhere. My daughter has told me of her experience there, "Karate is not just what I do... it's what I love."

Melanie Kopacz

American Professional Martial Arts Veronica Urquia

Sensei truly lives the integrity as a principle of black belt. Last week at the Pokemon party 2 of my kids didn't want to stay cause they found it was for youngest ones and Tony came up to me to refund their registration without even been asked for. Honesty and integrity in action, two values that we need to vindicate nowadays and I feel proud my son's instructor set the example and this is the reason I'm sharing it. Thank you Sensei!

Veronica Urquia

American Professional Martial Arts Liz Coronel

After researching and visiting several martial arts schools in the west Boca area I met Mr. Tony and decided to join the American Professional Martial Arts family. From instructors to students everyone has been very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I have participated in classes as well as some special functions and have enjoyed them all. In my short time there I have already made progress toward my goal of losing weight and learned some basic self-defense moves. The school is clean, modern, and has a fun atmosphere. Mr. Tony and his staff are professional and great both with kids and adults. They are motivated and motivating. I have recommended American Professional Martial Arts to all of my family and friends and will continue to do so. If you’re looking for a place for yourself or your child to learn martial arts, this is the place to go!

Liz Coronel

American Professional Martial Arts Ken Baker

Absolutely one of the best! Our son has made great relationships through the school. The owners truly care about the students and treat them with dignity, respect, and challenge them to be their best. When extra help or attention is needed, its available to them. We have had a very positive experience. We look forward for more of a future with Mr. Tony and his team.

Ken Baker

American Professional Martial Arts Melody Mankin

Choosing a place for my son to take karate was extremely overwhelming. There are so many choices out there. I have to say that I am very, very happy with our choice to join the American Professional Martial Arts family. They take a lot of pride in their work here and it shines right through in everything that they do. We have been going twice a week for nearly two months now. I already see so much positive change in my son. He has more confidence and respect and I can tell that he enjoys going because he smiles a lot when he is there. The instructors are awesome. Always on point, respectful, energetic, and dedicated. This place rocks! I would recommend checking it out!

Melody Mankin

American Professional Martial Arts Jordana Sarrell

We had my son's 5th birthday party here today and Tony Hall is AMAZING!!!!! All of our friends and the kids said it was the best birthday party they have ever been to! Tony took care of everything for me from the cake to the food to the goodie bags! I just got to sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Tony was so well organized and had activities planned for the kids from start to finish - they all participated - and had the best time ever!!!! Seriously, cannot compliment American Professional Martial Arts Boca and Tony enough for the perfect birthday party for my son!!!!!! Beyond impressed! And I am a tough customer, after all I am a Boca mom :) I will definitely plan another party here for my younger kids when they are older.

Jordana Sarrell

American Professional Martial Arts Brisset Jaramillo

Awesome school...great teachers who really help the kids achieve their potential and encourage them through the process. My son attends this school and I haven't seen him be more confident, and looks forward to every class as he learns and perfects what he is taught. Can't wait to see how much more he grows as he continues his journey to black belt!

Brisset Jaramillo

American Professional Martial Arts Amy Henry

American Professional Martial Arts is definitely a place everyone should check out. The workouts are great plus you always learn a lot in every class. It's a fun family oriented gym. and everyone is very welcoming.

Amy Henry

American Professional Martial Arts Lauren Jones

Fantastic school with fantastic teachers. I started classes here 7 months ago. At 34 I am now in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend trying them out!

Lauren Jones

American Professional Martial Arts Nicole DeFlorio

We had my son's fifth birthday party at American Professional Martial Arts Boca. Mr. Tony was enthusiastic, honest, energetic and fabulous with the kids. He kept their attention and made it seem effortless. Everyone who attended was blown away by the energy of the party. Mr. Tony absolutely exceeded my expectations!

Nicole DeFlorio

American Professional Martial Arts Meghann Lochbihler

The BEST dojo in Boca!! My son absolutely adores Sensei Tony and Mr Ben! They truly have a gift and you can tell they enjoy teaching. We have tried other karate studios and none compare to American Professional Martial Arts Boca.

Meghann Lochbihler

American Professional Martial Arts radmeli06

My six year old has been attending American Professional Martial Arts since November of last year. I am so happy with what he has learned so far. Mr. Ben and Sensei Tony have such an amazing talent. They have both he compassion and patience one needs to teach children. My son exhibits so much more confidence than before starting karate. Thank you Mr. Ben and Sensei Tony for everything! I look forward to seeing my son grow even more!


American Professional Martial Arts Olmond Hall

School is Very Clean and Professional with a Fun Atmosphere. My son has been training there for 1 Year and loves it. He looks forward to the Family Events and the classes. I love how they mix real martial arts with a positive training atmosphere! A+++++++

Olmond Hall

American Professional Martial Arts Nancy Alper

What an amazing karate dojo!! My children are so excited each time to attend class because their instructors are full of energy and make class enjoyable and most importantly they feel safe. Sensei Tony and Mr. Ben are extremely patient with each child and devotes a ton of attention to each student so they can succeed. They both are extremly talented and enjoy teaching the art of martial arts. My children's self confidence has also increased since they have started the program. We are extremely happy to be part of this dojo family.

Nancy Alper

American Professional Martial Arts Heidi DiCicco

My tween daughter's experience at American Professional Martial Arts has been transformative. She has gained confidence and enjoys her classes. The atmosphere of the school is energetic, loving, and empowering.

Heidi DiCicco

American Professional Martial Arts Greg Silva

Tony Hall is a dedicated instructor, great with kids and the real deal with his Mauy Thai.

Greg Silva

American Professional Martial Arts Patti Lambdin Maibauer

New students to American Professional Martial Arts but love it and the teachers! It's wonderful for kids (and adults) and teaches them so many important things they will use all through their lives like discipline, perseverance, patience, and lots more! We love it!

Patti Lambdin Maibauer

American Professional Martial Arts Michelle Kenzer Melcer

My daughter has been with American Professional Martial Arts for 4 years and it's her favorite place to be . She will be receiving her black belt this year.. what a fabulous journey it has been ! Thanks to sensei tony his pure dedication and passion has truly been the motivation.. you rock American Professional Martial Arts Boca!!

Michelle Kenzer Melcer

American Professional Martial Arts Jodi Jaroschak

In just 3 months my 4 year old twin daughters have already learned so much. They truly enjoy the classes and teachers.

Jodi Jaroschak

American Professional Martial Arts Michele Vogel Simon

Our family loves American Professional Martial Arts! Our son has been doing karate there for 2 years

Michele Vogel Simon

American Professional Martial Arts Jonathan L. Goldstein

Great program! Signed my son up to help with focus and respect. Impressive and professional!

Jonathan L. Goldstein

American Professional Martial Arts Sejana Cecilio Crosara

Great place ! Great teacher ! My kids just love to be there :)

Sejana Cecilio Crosara

American Professional Martial Arts Maria Fournier Price

Beautiful facility with a very friendly and knowledgable staff!

Maria Fournier Price

American Professional Martial Arts Jeff Kulberg

Great place to learn all skills

Jeff Kulberg

American Professional Martial Arts Vanessa DiCarlo Swanner

Kids love it... Super friendly! Great learning environment!

Vanessa DiCarlo Swanner

American Professional Martial Arts Timmy Robbins

The Dojo looks great Tony Hall and Jennifer Hall. Great job with the remodel!!!! Love the mirrors.

Timmy Robbins

American Professional Martial Arts Liliana Gottfried-Yunis

Great school. Awesome teachers.

Liliana Gottfried-Yunis

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